Terms and Conditions


1: Due to the coronavirus pandemic we have changed the way our Toy Library runs. We are taking online reservations and there will be a delay before your items are ready, to allow for cleaning and quarantine of toys.  You can collect your toys at the door or we can bring them out to your car - we will contact you to arrange convenient collection and return slots.

2: To hire items you must pay a subscription of £10 per annum, per family. If you are a Member of Allsorts, this fee is waivered, but you'll need to tell us you'd like to use this service, so we can give you access to the site.  

3. Most toys are available to hire at £1, some larger toys are £2 to hire. Toys and equipment are initially booked for a 28 day period. These toys can be renewed via our online system.

PLEASE NOTE THAT FEES ARE CURRENTLY BEING WAIVED – DONATIONS ARE APPRECIATED and can be made by online bank transfer to: Allsorts; sort code 40-52-40; account number 00012465 or via our website www.allsortsglos.org.uk

4. Please try to return items by the date given and let us know if you're likely to return items late. You will be unable to take out a new loan whilst you have an outstanding loan.  

5: Once an item has been booked out and taken from The Toy Library it becomes the responsibility of the member borrowing the toy. Items should be returned complete and in a clean and undamaged condition ready for the next borrower.

6: If pieces are missing, they must be returned as soon as they are found. All items must be returned even if damaged, incomplete or broken.

7: Most equipment that requires batteries will be loaned without batteries.

8. Some of our items come in a storage bag or box. Please return items in the original packaging.  

9: You may leave the Toy Library at any time but all fees paid are non-refundable.

10. Before items are available to borrow, our team check that they are safe to use and play with. Whilst you are borrowing items it’s your responsibility to check that they continue to be safe to use. Any possible danger must be reported to the Toy Library.

11. The Allsorts Toy Library adheres to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We store your personal information for the sole purposes of administering the Toy Library service. Your details will never be passed to anyone outside of the Toy Library staff/volunteer team. All information supplied will be held securely in accordance with the Allsorts Data Protection Policy which is available on the Allsorts website (www.allsortsglos.org.uk).

12: In order for us to maintain the requirement within the Data Protection Act to only keep data that is relevant and up to date, members must inform a Toy Library staff member/volunteer of any change of address or contact details as soon as possible.

13: The Allsorts Toy Library cannot take responsibility for any loss, injury or damage caused by or arising from any misuse of any of our equipment. Where an items description includes a suggested age, this has been taken from the toy's original packaging. However, it is the responsibility of the member to see that the toys are used by the appropriate age of children and that they are played with in an appropriate manner. Children playing with toys should be appropriately supervised.